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Free Apps for Android

Having android smartphones, tablets and the like are so rampant in this generation (without mentioning the other brands). Of course, if we have these powerful gadgets, we should maximize our use of it or make the best out of it.

Just like our computers that have software programs in order to make them useful, android on the other hand, has its own sets of paid and free apps. But on this page, I will only discuss free android apps that you can quickly get without paying anything. You just download the apps that interest you or got your attention from PlayStore and then use it wisely or at your own risk. You have to know and analyze first if the app you are going to utilize is really legit in the first place. You can easily spot its credibility and honesty by just looking at the star ratings and read some comments or reviews coming from other users or those who already tried it. You may also consult the opinions of your friends who already have an experience in using it. Still, recommendations and word of mouth are the best influencer to people to try new things out. There’s no wrong in testing new things or leaving out of your shell. All you have to do when doing this, is to take responsibility on your action and know the consequence.

Anyway, free apps for android are on the way to reach each one of you. Let me share my honest experience in using some of them.

Download Free Apps for Android

– Android Applications Free Download
– Android Apps Download

Just like what I said above, you can download all Android Applications that are to your liking and near to your interest for free. All you have to do is go to PlayStore and browse for your preferred apps. You will find hundreds or thousands of cool and awesome apps there. Of course, don’t just install them without further research if you don’t want your gadget be infected by virus. It’s like a mini-computer so the chance of getting your smartphone infected by malicious programs is high. So always take precautionary measures and utmost care when choosing and deciding which applications you would want to let in on your gadget.

Anyway, here are my android apps that I recommend you to download.

Dale Carnegie

I love learning and educating my mind when it comes to Secret of Success. You don’t get successful by just relying and depending everything on yourself. Of course, doing quick actions with a well-thought of plan has play a very large role in becoming successful in life but you should instill in mind that no man or woman is an island. You should cooperate with the people around you and lift everyone up to reach your as well as their dreams. Learn to study the ins and outs of Human Relations to take advantage each and everyone’s strengths as well as master this: Stop worrying. If you worry too much because of just a little mess occurred, then your whole day will turn out not good. Also, there are valuable tips and videos that you will find useful in your everyday life.

Money Green Bags

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101 Ways to Make Money!

Since I’m open to the idea of making money online by all means (of course, in a right and positive side), I downloaded this free app. You will get to know that there are some opportunities out there where you can make money. Not just in your work, which is where our mind is trained of, but it is endless! You just have to unleash the creativity inside you and be resourceful (stop, look and see what you have and if there are resources which are available to you). You’ll be surprised that you can actually do some of the 101 ways and claim that everything is indeed possible and achievable if you try to.

Ebook: Think & Grow Rich Free Edition

I’m being honest with you that I haven’t finished reading this book yet. The reason why I downloaded this is because it’s one of the famous, talk about and recommended books that everyone should read. I will give you brief tip when your goal is to be rich. You should think positive in a way despite of troubles and challenges you face in daily life. Being rich starts within ourselves (acquired with positive thinking) and money is just an idea, so don’t worry much.

Ensure Your Dream Life with The Law of Attraction

If you want to enrich yourself with good fortune, you should consider and give importance to the principles of Law of Attraction. Positive energy attracts positive energy and vice-versa to negative ones. If you think happy things and good thoughts, chances are these things will eventually come true and happen according to your plan.

Just don’t be lazy and think that everything will be alright coz if you are like that, your life will forever be idle to you. Apply and initiate the actions that are needed (with positive outlook) to be successful. These are the secret ingredients, my friend.

I know you have noticed that everything I listed above have something to do with becoming rich and making money. That’s how I use my cellphone at all. Since, the screen of my cellphone is too small, I am planning to save money just to buy another with bigger screen.

Top Free Android Apps

I will put it in here my top and best free android apps. It ranges from free messenger app up to the latest craze games. Please feel at home while reading this.

KakaoTalk. I know you will say why I choose this instead of the well-known brands out there: Viber, WeChat and Line. I actually installed those messenger apps in my smartphone and all I can say is they are awesome! But the reason why I introduce this one is because my idol celebrity endorses this, Sarah Geronimo. I love its theme color which is yellow and just like what the other competitors offer, you can have free calls, chats/sms and share various emoticons. The only thing it lacks of is video calling but overall, this is good. Of course, you can not actually utilize its full features if you’re not connected online. So find the nearest wi-fi available at your place or avail your preferred telecommunication monthly plan to take advantage of it.

Opera Mini. This is actually redundant as your current smartphone has a default and already installed browser. But the want of making our browsing experience rich and easy are what we look for. Opera Mini offers many features that you would normally find when using the browser in your pc or laptop and a lot more.

Domino Image

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Candy Crush Saga and Temple Run. Let’s not get too serious in other geek stuff coz it will bore us surely. Playing games on our smartphones can energize us and sharpen our mind. Let’s go first with Candy Crush. This cute and infectious game can really make you addicted and fall in love with it. I once heard, I think from an old man in mid 40’s, who asked one of the cellphone sellers if he could have that game be installed on his smartphone. I was got intrigued and curious that maybe I should try and see what’s special in this game app. And they are right! This game will really hook you up and also test how quick your mind is responding and thinking. Enjoy lots of candies!

Temple Run. If you enjoy a high-graphic game, then this one is for you. It’s like ensuring that your character in a game must avoid all hurdles and escape from the puzzling maze. I installed this before but un-installed when my phone’s memory couldn’t handle it and experience a hang a lot of times. I wonder why I encountered that behavior because my phone has a dual core processor. hehe

Most Useful Android Apps

You will see here my list of most useful android apps which are currently installed on my Cherry Mobile Burst, a pinoy local phone.

Easy Task Killer / Easy Battery Saver
Android Antivirus
Adobe Reader
Clean Master

Easy Task Killer is basically an app that closes all unnecessary apps (that run silently on the background) and free up some memory to make room for others. The responsive will become fast and quick if you use this whenever you’re done exploring your phone, browsing net or playing games.

Battery Caution

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Easy Battery Saver. I know having smartphones can make you look cool and rich. But do you know that frequent use of your phone can easily lead to battery draining or low bat. I noticed that if you utilize your phone in the morning (full mode, like surfing and playing), it will not last longer or until tomorrow. So use this app to save some battery life and be able to have more time in answering calls when emergency situation arises.

Android Antivirus. This is what I told you. Having antivirus installed on your gadget is a must. We never know when those bad guys attack our gadgets so better have an ally that monitors and watches our smartphone’s health. We don’t want to regret in the end.

Adobe Reader. I’m a person who enjoys and fond of reading. I have many ebooks in my laptop and desktop and I don’t have time to read them all in one sitting. So to solve this problem, I installed this app on my phone and transferred all interesting pdf books that I want to read at my leisure. Don’t just use your intelligent phone in calls or texts but maximize and make the best use out of it instead.

Clean Master. And last but not the least, Clean Master. This app will remove the fragments that have been left behind by several apps on your gadget. It mainly ensures that those unneeded things are being cleaned and removed to make your phone fast and smooth. It’s like the CCleaner version of pc and mac. You should have this installed on your tablet and the like and I guarantee you would thank me for recommending this to you.

I hope you enjoy reading this long article and find all apps here useful and interesting. If you have other android apps that you think should be in my list, then you are welcome to leave your comments below. I will be happy to receive and read them. Thanks!


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