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KakaoTalk for Desktop, Android and Smartphone Users

KakaoTalk LogoIntroduction to this newcomer app

Upon its first public release, I easily fell in love with KakaoTalk. This app belongs under the same category as Viber, WeChat and Line that I hope you could find cool and useful too. They offer you services like allowing you to make free calls, chat and a lot more! Find out who the endorsers of this are, how I put in words and describe this with the way I see it, the effects happened to me after installing this on my smartphone, watch exclusively tv commercials and promotional videos of KakaoTalk and how we can maximize its usage and take advantage of the offered features.

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I do not own the image used here. Credit goes to KakaoTalk itself.

The New Endorsement of Sarah Geronimo

She’s truly a big star just like the color of this app

Though, we’ve already seen some of the local stars on tv endorsing the other brands, this one is different as Sarah Geronimo endorses it together with the well-known K-Pop Group, Big Bang. Imagine, collaborating with international stars is dream came true as chances like this are rare to happen. Sarah is fortunate and very lucky to be the chosen person by the company of this app because they entrust their product to her. On the other hand, the same thing goes to Big Bang, having a once in a life time opportunity to work with Sarah. It’s like, heaven sent their angels and finally answered our prayers.

How Could I Describe this App?

Despite the stability of other existing brands

As much as possible, I don’t want to mention any brands or app names here but I think it’s necessary for us to understand that we are on the same boat and absorb what I am talking about (we’re exploring the same world). These brands that you already heard of are Viber (known for its violet color), WeChat and Line (both use green background). All of them almost offer the same services. There are few that are not existing to others but it’s not a big deal at all as all of these are free.

This app is totally standing out among its competitors. The yellow motif is what captivates me more and really caught my attention. Making calls and chatting with our colleagues are given. But allowing us to customize the theme (change the default background into our liking) as well as choosing the preferred emoticons to express ourselves fully is very incomparable. You can download various themes and emoticons for free but there are some that are paid ones (we require to pay for the app we want in dollars).

But overall, KakaoTalk is very easy to get familiarized with, user-friendly and on top of that, a perfect and special gift for us, Sarah Geronimo and Big Bang fans.

Effects on Me after Exposing Out to this App

What happened to those similar apps that are installed on my Android’s phone?

I want to share what are the effects on me of this app after the installation and long utilization? Simply, I just got carried away and overwhelmed by its features. I love the looks and the way developers designed it. What happened to other similar apps installed on my phone? It’s simple! They got uninstalled in just a matter of minutes as I don’t want to have apps which offer the same stuff. Since, they offer the same services and my idol endorses KakaoTalk, I decided to let them go and stick to this app. Don’t get me wrong and think of me as unfair, as the final say is still yours.

TV Commercials of this

Featuring Sarah and 4 Heartthrobs from Big Bang

You will witness here some of the official commercials and promotional videos of KakaoTalk. Sarah Geronimo and Big Bang boys are excited to share (to us) what we could get from utilizing it.

  • 1st YouTube Video: Free Call
  • 2nd Video: It’s Free Chat!
  • 3rd Video: What More Could We Ask For? Group Call is also available!
  • 4th Youtube Video: Haha! Of course, there is Group Chat.
  • 5th Special Video: Let’s witness Behind the Scenes, Photo Shoots and the like of Miss Sarah Geronimo.

For some reason, I can’t get the embedded video to work here Now I found a way after doing my research, :P. I only tried embedding one video as I don’t want this to look like a list of videos. If you want to watch the remaining ones, just click the links above and enjoy watching. Thanks!

To Maximize Its Usage and Offered Features, You Should Listen to What I Say

Take note of this

First thing you should need in order to connect with friends and use the said app is to have wi-fi. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or you just access free connection anywhere, as long as it’s available. Coz it’s not really free if you don’t have it. Besides, having wi-fi at home charges you monthly (through internet billing statement). While going somewhere like malls or other places with wi-fi access would take some money out of your pocket (like transportation fare and other fees that you are not even aware of).

Second thing is if you really want to take advantage of the full features of this free app, then you should consider getting SD or micro sd card for expansion and more spaces purposes. The main use of this is to increase the storage (external memory) of our phone. Some of the downloaded apps in market (AppStore or PlayStore) require us, Smartphone users, to have an external memory installed on our phone or inserted inside. It is for us to utilize fully the apps’ offered features and so on. I experienced this situation many times before and I felt the feeling of wanting to buy the required card as soon as possible. Anyway, so far these are the things I noticed when having this kind of high-end phones. I’m sure you have observations out there that are nowhere to be found on this page or not listed here. It would be very helpful if you could enumerate them below as well.

My Short Summary on this

Start reading!

KakaoTalk is the newest app for everyone who loves socializing with people endear to them. It is based in Korea and they made Big Bang and Sarah Geronimo as their top endorsers of this. I started falling in love with this and making this as my default messenger app. You will read here what my experiences are and other related matters. Feel free to know my story. Thanks for reading.

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If you want to be part of their Facebook page, then this is their one and only real fanpage. Enjoy!

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Before I end this post, I just want to share my concern. I wonder why it was called ‘KakaoTalk’ coz if you analyze it the only thing you can understand is the ‘Talk’ word (an English word). ‘Kakao’, I guess has a meaning in Korea and all it takes is I must do my own research. Anyway, let’s proceed with asking you a question.

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