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Antivirus Programs

Antivirus Programs - Be Safe Always

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Antivirus programs are necessary to keep your precious computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones free from virus or malicious stuff. Choosing the right and best antivirus depends on our choice, taste and preference so no one has the right to dictate or announce that this one is better than the others. The only thing we should consider and take account of is whether we should choose free over the paid one or the other way around. They say that paid one offers much more services and features like you may contact their tech support to address the problems you face. While free ones, though you do not pay anything, it’s much better to have this installed on our computers than nothing.

But you know what, I heard something like this: the one who continuously makes and invents this so called virus is no other than themselves. Of course, if you think about it: no virus to heal, no need for us to patronize these various antivirus programs.

However, I still believe in my heart that other bad guys are responsible for this, and these big companies are there to rescue our computers and the like. In other words, they have a big heart and love helping other people to solve their problems.

Top Antivirus Programs

I will only list here the top antivirus programs that are frequently used and downloaded by people like us. The following are the famous brands in the market.

– Norton
– McAfee
– Kaspersky

I know you already heard Norton (AntiVirus with Antispyware, Internet Security and 360) before as this is the recommendation by most people. It consists not just an antivirus but internet security as well for a complete cleaning and package. I know most antivirus of today has suite or package to showcase and every consumer knows of this well. But I can’t help myself to reminisce as this became our first antivirus in the year 2000. And the capability of it is amazing coz it will not let you down and meet your expectation too.

McAfee (Antivirus, Internet Security and Total Protection) is another well-known brand available out there. I haven’t actually tried this yet but what I remember about it is the McAfee SiteAdvisor, a browser plug-in. They used to offer this to public for free (it’s not existing anymore) so internet users have knowledge what sites are safe to browse and visit as there are color indicators to alert us (green – the site is good, yellow if it’s neutral and red if the site is bad and has been infected with virus or malware). Anyway, the fact that they used to have this plug-in and I often see this being sold inside the big stores are the proof of its popularity and in line with other big names.

As for the Kaspersky (PURE 3.0, Internet Security, ONE and Anti-Virus), its trademark color is green and one of the displayed items at stores too. The name is kind of weird but we should not underestimate its effectiveness in deep cleaning and stopping the virus activities (including malware) on our computers.

Overall these three are my top antivirus programs and I say this because of their popularity in the market. I’m sure you have a list of yours and everyone is entitled to express their own opinion.

Best Free Antivirus Programs

I will talk about here the best free antivirus programs I use so far or I had an experience in using. So far, there are two that I can recommend for you to use and check out. Here are they:

AVG Free is my traditional antivirus and I do recommend this one to everyone who is looking for free as well as effective in removing viruses from their computer. It’s so easy to use and very user-friendly. The thing is it’s only an antivirus scanner/removal and if you want to avail their complete package like internet security (email scanner and other stuff) of course, you should pay for it. They offer a part of their product to people and if they’d like the program, chances are they will patronize the other add-ons because their trust had been captured in the first place and satisfied with their product.

Avira - One of the top antivirus programs

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With regards to my second choice which is Avira, I tried this once when I was looking for another free antivirus programs. The reason why I did this is due to at that time I had a problem installing the AVG. The name Avira is somewhat close to the word vampire, that’s why whenever I hear it, that’s the first thing comes into my mind. Anyway, I love its consistent color which is red (as well as the umbrella logo) and a lot different than AVG. It’s more a professional look but can really do what it’s intended for. I switch back to AVG because I love it better and as I always say, it all comes to our personal choice.

Be it AVG, Avira or anything, the important is you really care for your computer’s health and conscious to your safety not just when being connected on the internet but also when plugging your flashdrives into your computer. That’s it!

Antivirus Programs Free Download

I know you stumble on this page because you are searching where you could download free edition of antivirus program. I decided to post it here with my personal touch, despite there are sites out there that already done this with ratings and reviews (CNET and FileHippo).

Anyway, here are the promised antivirus programs free download links. Feel free to try them, however here’s my word of advice, “Don’t try to install them all at once. They might cause undesired results because they do the same thing”. But if you want to try them one by one, install, uninstall and then repeat the process is your safest way to test them out and if you can find the one that is to your liking.

Panda Cloud Antivirus
Avast! Free Antivirus
Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition
ClamWin Free Antivirus
Avira Free Antivirus
McAfee Stinger

Avast - Free Download

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List of Antivirus Programs

Of course, I don’t want to be bias here so I will include the list of antivirus programs. There is a name of cute animal as well as weird and techy one (which I already listed out above). But before I proceed in enumerating these, I just want to clear something. Malware is a lot different from virus. So don’t get confused when pertaining to antivirus programs or malware removal programs. Anyway, it’s just a reminder coz before, I interchanged or referred to either one of them as the same and I don’t want you to be in that state of mind too.

Panda, I love learning that there are softwares or programs out there that name after animal. Honestly, I haven’t experienced or tried this cute antivirus program but since I am giving this review, I will try to update this once I’m done giving this shot. But you know what, whatever the name is, there’s a reason why they’re created and made available for use to the public.

And last but not the least, ESET. This is my current antivirus at home because I bought a new set of computer. The vendor who sold this computer to us, gave us a free card which enabled us to use this ESET for a limited number of months. Anyway, my impression on this one is you get what you pay for. It’s easy to use and it’s not just an ordinary antivirus as it comprises Network Firewall, Web and Email Protection, Parental Control and many more. I haven’t done any explorations to it but even non-tech people can use it without frustrations or need an assistance from those computer literate.

I guess we all come to this part and I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. If you like what you read here and learned something new, don’t worry as I will post some more not just to educate you but to entertain you as well.


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